WECS Continues to Develop State of the Art Technology

WECS’s newest technology (soon to market) is the new Smart Pitch System from WECS RENEWABLES. This technology is game-changing – it will make the tech’s job easier (while also improving production and down time).
So, you ask… how? That is easy

  1. The Ventium Wind Pitch SRM replacement is 50% lighter, >9% more efficient, covers multiple ratings, and is drastically more reliable as Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) technology has a simple, robust, and low-cost construction.
  2. It has simple coils on the stator, no conductors, no brushes on the rotor and does not use any permanent magnets. 
  3. 100mm smaller motor in length
  4. It runs 91% efficient or 9% more efficient then existing technology
  5. 30% downtime reduction
  6. The motor comes backed by our 5 year warranty and cloud-based True Predictive Maintenance system; SmartShield.
  7. Every new system will come with “Smart Shield” - a cloud-based predictive maintenance free for 1 year

All these new features make life easy for your techs. Bring it, WECS.