Interconnection of Renewable Energy delivery of power uses components and systems common to all Utility and Industrial requirements interconnection. Delivery to the grid at Transmission levels requires acceptable engineering knowledge, design knowledge and familiarity with the materials and Vendors. WECS engineers and staff have the vocabulary and engineering knowledge to provide the correct inventory and materials necessary to help keep the CONSTRUCTION and O&M transmission system online.

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  • Surge Arresters HV, MV & LV
  • Capacitor Banks & Accessories
  • Capacitor Banks & Accessories
    • Relays and Metering
    • Batteries and Chargers
    • Distribution Indoor Breakers and Accessories HV, MV & LV
  • Disconnects, Fuse and Accessories HV, MV & LV
  • Handling- ARC Flash suits, gloves, tools, cleaners, specialty needs
  • Insulators HV, MV, & LV
  • Junction Boxes and Accessories
  • Reactor Banks & Accessories
  • Terminations and connectors
    • Bus
    • Pole mount
    • Grounding
  • Transformers HV, MV, LV
    • Main substation components and accessories
    • Instrument Transformers
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