As part of the need for domestic Renewable Energy in Spain in 1994 the association of utilities, developers and manufacturers created the Gamesa Wind turbine which immediately became a world leader and a North American Renewable Energy company with headquarters in the Philadelphia PA area. Bringing a new MV interconnect design fit into the WECS engineering wheelhouse, as well as our familiarity with all of the inherent Electrical, Mechanical and Hydraulic designs of the industry made an excellent target for WECS O&M and WECS Construction input. In 2017Gamesa and Siemens merged to form SIEMENS-GAMESA for both on-shore and off shore leadership.

Gamesa G80/2.0      INQUIRE

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GP000332 Slip Ring
GP004258 Gamesa Part
GP004261 Gamesa Part
GP004262 Relay
GP004263 Gamesa Part
GP004265 Relay
GP004849 Contactor
GP004889 Gamesa Part
GP004890 Gamesa Part
GP004896 Gamesa Part
GP004897 Gamesa Part
GP004899 Gamesa Part
GP004975 Gamesa Part
GP005756 Motor Starter
GP005890 Motor
GP005893 Motor
GP007359 Circuit Breaker
GP007544 Gamesa Part
GP007545 Gamesa Part
GP007546 Gamesa Part
GP007548 Gamesa Part
GP007637 Gamesa Part
GP008618 Gamesa Part
GP008834 Motor
GP009057 Gamesa Part
GP011176 Contactor
GP011773 Brush Holder
GP011810 Power Module kit
GP011813 Gamesa Part
GP011814 Gamesa Part
GP011816 Fuse
GP011817 Fuse
GP011818 Gamesa Part
GP011820 Power Supply
GP011826 Gamesa Part
GP011827 Fuse
GP011828 Gamesa Part
GP011832 Drives Component
GP0118327 Fuse
GP012962 Gamesa Part
GP015482 Gamesa Part
GP019006 Gamesa Part
GP021631 Gamesa Part
GP023554 Fuse
GP023554 Fuse
GP036986 Gamesa Part
GP036987 Air Circuit Breaker
GP039513 Motor
GP043715 Gamesa Part
GP043890 Brush
GP050116 Filter
GP052263 Gamesa Part
GP061817 Motor
GP064078 Motor
GP067034 Encoder
GP096428 Fuse
GP099593 Filter
GP099594 Filter
GP102896 Gamesa Part
GP115038 Gamesa Part
GP122842 Motor
GP139239 Motor
GP145849 Encoder
GP188250 Motor Circuit Protector
GP188250 Motor Circuit Protector
GP231572 Brushe
GP393237 Fuse
GP50028 Motor Starter
GP50552 Motor Circuit Protector
GP50552 Motor Circuit Protector
GP50850 Filter
GP50887 Motor Circuit Protector
GP50887 Motor Circuit Protector
GP50888 Motor Starter
GP50888 Motor Circuit Protector
GP50940 Brush Holder
GP50971 Gamesa Part
GP50972 Relay
GP93312 Gamesa Part