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Conversion of solar energy into electricity by utility and large industrial companies is typically done by either solar photovoltaics (PV) or concentrated solar thermal (CST) solutions.  PV captures the sunlight and the photovoltaic panels convert that sunlight to electricity directly.  CST concentrates the sunlight to create heat and that heat is used to run a heat engine, which turns a generator to make electricity.

Both methods have created a huge construction industry followed by the need for operations and maintenance (O&M).  Similar to modern wind energy installations, each system has a transmission grid segment with a tie-in connected to a substation and collection process.  Through its solar construction and O&M divisions, WECS is a leader in supplying electrical, mechanical and hydraulic components and systems for PV and CST operations nationwide.

Solar energy also uses high-tech electric Power Conversion systems involving electrical or electro-mechanical devices to convert generated voltage and amperage into grid-acceptable power.  There are electrical LV and MV designs and components related to moving power from the generating format to the grid.  Hydraulics play a role in some of the PV and CST system movement requirements used to orient solar panels or mirrors/lenses toward the sun or for moving high-pressure liquids involved with CST steam generation.

WECS Renewables has an extensive array of original parts and equipment for all types of solar and its various requirements.  Plus, our IDEAS and SOLUTIONS will continuously support your efforts to succeed in solar energy.

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  • PV Wire to 1500 VDC UL
  • MV Wire and Cable to 35kV
  • Power Conversion components and systems
  • Transformers- LV, MV, HV
  • Substation equipment
  • Rotation/pivot system components
  • Specialty and obsolete hardware
  • Rotation/pivot system hydraulics
  • Water/oil/sale handling equipment