September 29, 2021 The ink has just dried on the WECS Renewables (“WECS”) and Smartricity collaboration. As of September 20th, the two committed to teaming up, and will work together to bring smart technology to the renewable energy market. 

According to Smartricity CEO, Michael Sonsogno, the total demand for energy use in industrial motors will more than double by 2040. So this joint venture is especially timely considering the urgent need for more growth in the sector.

“WECS is extremely excited about the collaboration with Smartricity,” WECS’ CEO, Theresa Eaton, stated. “The two organizations, working together, will help drive efficiency and better productivity for wind, solar and battery storage across the industry.”
“The renewables industry is growing,” says Sonsogno. “We look forward to helping bring solutions alongside WECS Renewables to the field. There’s lots of opportunity for improvement, and we are thrilled to join forces on this mission and make a real difference.”
In the newly formed collaboration between the two organizations, WECS is becoming the exclusive channel-to-market for Smartricity products serving the renewables industry. 

“WECS’ solution-based approach will help create solutions to problems that have plagued the renewables industry for years, bringing cutting-edge technology to our industry,” says WECS’ head of Operations & Maintenance, Denny McKissic.

“With many efficiency-driving products currently in development and entering field trials, WECS and Smartricity are soon to see those solutions hit the market,” Eaton stated.
Recently, the United Nations released a climate report with claims that we are already feeling the effects of global warming everywhere on the planet. Climate action is desperately needed, and WECS and Smartricity are committed to that goal.

“The world is going to electrify over the next 10 to 15 years,” said Sonsogno. “By collaborating with WECS we are going to be at the forefront of that innovation.”

Since 1982, WECS has been serving the global renewable energy industry as an electrical, mechanical and hydraulic parts wholesale distributor. Today, they are the premier renewables supplier in the US. Their mission is to enable the development and maintenance of clean energy, fostering a healthier system that generates less carbon emissions for the world. 
Founded in 2016, Smartricity is a smart industrial electric motor company and true predictive maintenance cleantech company. Driven by efficient energy production, this company aims to reduce global emissions.  
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