The first entry from Asia began with a simple 225/250 kw platform utilizing advanced hydraulics, variable hydro-mechanical pitch rotor, Microprocessor based controls and conventional electrical interconnect technology, a contactor. WECS was involved in the early construction needs, but found a great input toward converting the Asian platform to better relate to the NEMA-ANSI-IEC product availability and conversions in the Electrical, Mechanical and Hydraulic needs as the turbine grew quickly to 600kW, 1000kW and then the advanced 2.4MW turbines all currently being used throughout North America. WECS has developed several upgrades and alternatives to many of the components and is a leader in new product development.

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Part Number PART TYPE
V44310-01 MHI Part
G18101 Filter
V46170-11 MHI Part
V46110-12 MHI Part
C14005-01 Solenoid Valve
V44871-00 Toggle Switch
C12102-03 Pump
C14003-01 Cartridge Valve
C14006-01 Solenoid Coil
C14006-03 Cartridge Valve w/ Coil
C14011-01 Relief Valve
C14023-01 Check valve
C14025-01 Check valve
C14025-05 Check valve
C14045-01 Valve
C14121-01 Solenoid Coil
C14121-02 Solenoid Coil
C15001-01 Pressure Switch
C15001-05 Pressure Switch
C15002-01 Pressure Switch
C15011-06 Sight Level gauge
C16004-01 Breather
C17101-06 Filter, Hydraulic
C17101-08 Filter, Hydraulic
C17101-8 Accumulator Blatter
C18001-07 MHI Part
C18002-06 Hydraulic Cylinder
C18101-06 Seal Kit Yaw Br Booster
C18102-06 Seal Kit
F12002-01 Temperature Probe
G13012-2 Cooling Radiator
G14001-01 Filter
G15011-01 Pressure gauge
G16001-01 Check valve
H11101-01 brake pads
J12001-01 Yaw Motor
K11001-01 Resistance Thermometer
V08310-02 Filter
V08603-31 Varistor
V10212-01 Voltage Sensor
V10232-01 Voltage Sensor
V10410-01 Leakage Relay
V11016 Power Supply
V12369-93 Fuse
V12440-12 Fuse
V12440-31 Fuse
V12463-01 Fuse
V12463-11 Fuse
V14399-02 Power Supply
V22214-11 Breaker
V22215-11 Breaker
V22216-11 Breaker
V22216-12 Breaker
V24223-61 Breaker
V24223-62 Breaker
V24223-91 Circuit breaker
V36124-01 Relay
V38192-02 Relay
V44320-00 Switch
V44322-02 Switch
V44900-02 Switch
V46170-12 Switch
V46170-22 Switch
V48170-30Push button
C12101-01 Sealkit
C14005-05 MHI Part
C14011-07 MHI Part
C14041-05 MHI Part
C14044-06 MHI Part
C15021-08 Float Switch
F12001-01 Temp Sensor
V08110-08 MHI Part
V08601-80 MHI Part
V08603-30 MHI Part
V46170-21 MHI Part
V46170-41 MHI Part
V46310-41 MHI Part
V48170-21 MHI Part
V48170-41 MHI Part
V48170-42 Pushbutton
V50190-01 MHI Part
V50190-02 MHI Part
V52109-01 MHI Part
V52209-01 MHI Part
V52209-03 MHI Part
V52604-02 MHI Part
V52612-01 MHI Part
V52612-02 MHI Part
V52803-06 MHI Part
V54003-01 MHI Part
V54005-01 MHI Part
V54007-01 MHI Part
V54010-01 MHI Part
V64111-04 MHI Part
V76116-01 MHI Part
W08420-01 MHI Part
W25008-00 Over Load Relay
W25010-00 MHI Part
W36122-05 MHI Part
W44311-01 MHI Part
W44311-03 MHI Part
W44520-01 MHI Part
W52803-00 MHI Part
W52803-03 MHI Part
W52803-06 MHI Part
X08633-01 MHI Part
V08620-01 MHI Part
V08633-01 MHI Part
V08639-01 MHI Part
V08675-02 MHI Part
V10100-01 MHI Part
V10110-01 MHI Part
V10120-01 MHI Part
V10222-01 MHI Part
V12470-01 MHI Part
V14199-02 MHI Part
V36112-01 MHI Part
V36122-01 MHI Part
V36714-01 MHI Part
V36714-03 MHI Part
V38592-00 MHI Part
V42108-01 MHI Part
V42108-02 MHI Part
V42200-01 MHI Part
V42320-02 MHI Part
V44111-01 MHI Part
V44311-01 MHI Part
V44311-03 MHI Part
V44311-06 MHI Part
V44510-01 MHI Part
V44510-02 MHI Part
V44511-01 MHI Part
V44832-01 MHI Part
V44832-02 MHI Part
V44851-01 MHI Part
V44900-01 MHI Part
V08510-01 Ferrite Core
V38792-02 Relay
V44111-02 Switch
V44511-00 Push Button
V44522-01 Push Button
V46310-42 Pilot Light
V48110-22 Push Button
V44310-02 Switch
V865351-01 Cable Assembly
V62020-01 Temperature Controller
V76115-06 Fan
W08430-02 Surge Suppression
W14350-01 Power Supply
W14399-05 Power Supply
W20011-16 Overload Relay
W20041-02 Overload relay
W22321-01 Motor Circuit Protector
W22323-01 Motor circuit protector
W23500-01 MHI Part
W23500-03 MHI Part
W24123-92 Breaker
W24223-62 Breaker
W24223-93 Circuit Breaker
W24423-12 Circuit Breaker
W25021-00 Overload Relay
W36724-04 Relay Socket
W38792-03 MHI Part
W44311-02 Switch
W44520-02 Contact block
W44520-02 Switch
W60222-02 Space Heater
W64163-03 Surge Suppression
G14101-01 Filter
G14101-08 Filter
J13102-01 Brake Pads
G13012-02 Radiator motorbraket
G14102-03 Offline Filter Element
C14001-01 Valve
V-S094220 Fuse
V-S094228 Fuse
W10211-04 Voltage Sensor
W14399-02 Power Supply
W44900-02 Switch
C16001-01 Filter
C16002-01 Filter
C16003-01 Filter, hydraulic
C16005-01 Filter Element
C16102-01 Filter
C16103-01 Filter, hydraulic
J14001-31 Limit Switch
V08110-02 ARRESTER
V08110-07 ARRESTER
V08510-02 Ferrite Core Clamp
V60130-01 MHI Part
V62020-1 Relay Socket
W20011-23 Contactor
W25005-00 Overload relay
W25007-00 MHI Part
W25012-00 Overload,5 days
X10110 Relay
Y84200-05 MHI Part
V10110-05 Relay
V10110-06 Relay
V12430-31 MHI Part
C12103-32 Coupling
C15011-31 PT100 Temp Sensor
K21003-01 Grounding Brush
V60007-01 MHI Part
V60075-01 MHI Part
V70040-01 MHI Part
V70070-01 Axial Fan
V80041-01 Relaysocket
V80043-01 Axial Fan
W50122-01 Encoder
Y04220-01 Sensor
Y04315-02 Linear Transducer
Y04315-04 Linear Transducer
Y84400-01 Anemometer
B17001-01 Lineal Position Sensor
G13011-04CooligFan Motor
V28841-51 MHI Part
V28941-50 MHI Part
V29545-01 MHI Part
W10212-01 MHI Part
W20011-15 MHI Part
W20011-16 MHI Part
W20012-02 MHI Part
W22324-02 MHI Part
W22327-01 MHI Part
W22327-02 MHI Part
W44900-01 MHI Part
W58000-05 MHI Part
W58000-08 MHI Part
Y04314-03 Lineal Position Sensor
Y04314-05 Lineal Position Sensor
Y78161-40 MHI Part
G18301-31 Motor
V50006-01 MHI Part
V60084-01 Relay
V60096-01 MHI Part
V70009-01 MHI Part
V70016-02 Diode
V80003-01 Power Supply
W50090-01 Brush
W50113-01 Brush
W50117-01 Gen Phase Brush
C14022-01HydrualicReturn checkVavle
C15031-06 Pressure Gauge
C16201-31 Filter element
G14102-01 FILTER
V50002-01 Ethernet Switch
V60052-01 Relay
V70065-01 Relay
V80038 -01 Relay
F11001-03 MHI Part
C16102 Filter
C19601 Filter
G13101-31 L.O. cooler Motor
V70049-02 Circuit Breaker
G11101-01 LO Pump