WECS Renewables is an expert in the engineering of and supply of all of the CONSTRUCTION and O&M collection system components and systems used in a Wind Farm, Solar Farm, and Storage systems. All utilize common components to conventional utility interconnections between loads and substations.

Generators for Renewable Energy systems served by WECS Renewables have three core segments of Balance of Plant in the collection system. Each provides the electrical power to a connection which distributes that power to a collector system leading to the Substation and the Transmission Grid.

Conversion systems collect LV power in a number of common ways:

Solar PV using a large quantity of PV rated DC collection wires and connections up to 1500 VDC from small MCM to large AWG sizes

Wind turbines collect LV with large MCM and AWG AC cable up to 2000V. Some of the newer Wind technologies are now delivering energy at MV levels.

Storage is an internal DC battery system connected to a power conversion system.

Conversion systems to MV grid level AC is typically through a combination of a Power Electronics Conversion system delivering LV AC to a pad mount transformer for MV Collection system or direct grid connection.

An MV system of MV cable, splices, junctions, and terminations deliver power to the substation.

WECS Renewables maintains a huge inventory of collection system components to fulfill our obligation to New Construction and O&M.

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  • Pole Line
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Insulators MV, & LV
  • Surge Arresters MV & LV
  • Disconnects, Fuse and Accessories MV & LV
  • Handling- ARC Flash suits, gloves, tools, cleaners, specialty needs
  • Junction Boxes and Accessories MV & LV and Fiber Optic
  • Terminations and connectors
  • T-Body MV
  • Splice MV & LV
  • Riser MV
  • Grounding, compression and thermal
  • Transformers
  • Pad Mount new and rebuild
  • Met Tower
  • Pole Mount
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