GEWECS Renewables

The predessor to the modern GE platform arrived in the Mid-1990’s as a growth out of the Kennetec line of POWER CONVERSION type Wind turbine generation technologies.  Acquired by ZOND and then ENRON the core design became GE in 2002.  This high-tech voltage-frequency conversion electronics and pitch regulated design has become the mainstay for the Wind Energy Conversion System industry designs of the 21stcentury and beyond.  WECS RENEWABLES provides engineering knowledge and modern components for these turbines extending to all their Electrical, Mechanical and Hydraulic needs.  WECS also has exclusively available a number of WECS SOLUTIONS products including Yaw Piston and pucks, Seal-less Water Pump, Universal Yaw Motor, Pitch-Battery solutions, IGBT UPGRADES, specialty tools and a full array of items under development.

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102W2840P001 Safety Switch
103W2302P001 GE Part
103W2303G001 Harness
104W1135P020 Modular Terminal Block
104W1135P061 Motor Circuit Protector
104W1135P168 Modualar Terminal block
104W1687P001 Motor Circuit Protector
104W1687P014 Module
104W1687P015 Contactor
104W1687P017 Contactor
104W1687P018 Contactor
104W1687P019 GE Part
104W1687P020 Contactor
104W1687P025 CT
104W1687P032 Relay
104W1687P035 Module
104W1687P037 Relay
104W1928P001 UPS Relay
104W2492P001 Modular Terminal Block
104W2492P002 GE Part
104W2784P001 Anemometer
104W2784R001 GE Part
104W3168G003 UPS
104W3168P001 UPS Relay
104W3168P002 UPS Relay Card
104W3438P001 Encoder
104W3489P001 Fan
104W3708P001 Ethernet Switch
104W4106P001 Gear Box Filter Housing
104W4127P001 Pump
104W4151P001 Modualar Terminal block
104W4152P001 Surge Arrestor
104W4159P001 Contactor
104W4160P001 Motor Circuit Protector
104W4166P001 E STOP
104W4170P001 Fuse
104W4175P001 GE Part
104W4181P001 Protechtive plug
104W4182P001 Surge Arrestor
104W4185P001 Power Supply
104W4187P001 Module
104W4198P001 Relay
104W4200P001 Surge Arrester
104W4202P001 Auxiliary Contact
104W4205P001 Surge Arrester
104W4206P001 Contactor
104W4207P001 Contactor
104W4208P001 Contactor
104W4211P001 Auxiliary Contact
104W4212P001 GE Part
104W4214P001 GE Part
104W4219P001 Breaker
104W4220P001 Auxiliary Contact
104W4222P001 Fuse
104W4223P001 Fuse
104W4229P001 Term Block
104W4230P001 Heater
104W4231P001 Heater
104W4233P001 Speed controller
104W4237P001 Voltage monitoring Relay
104W4238P001 Relay
104W4239P001 Relay
104W4240P001 Trip Coil
104W4241P001 EMAX Closing Coil
104W4247P001 Trip Coil
104W4250P001 Switch
104W4253P001 Trip Module
104W4257P001 Circuit Breaker
104W4258P001 Breaker
104W4274P001 GE Part
104W4278P001 CT
104W4279P001 CT
104W4285P001 Surge Suppression Fuse
104W4295P001 Contactor
104W4298P001 Contact Kit
104W4301P001 Relay
104W4355P001 Encoder
104W4419P001 GE Part
104W4420P001 Aux Contact
104W4445P001 Val Trab Over Voltage
104W4478P001 Hose Assembly
104W4539P001 Breaker
104W4540P001 Relay
104W4541P001 aux contact
104W4542P001 GE Part
104W4543P001 Auxiliary Contact
104W4544P001 Auxiliary Contact
104W4550P001 Motor Circuit Protector
104W4552P001 Motor Circuit Protector
104W4554P001 Contactor
104W4556P001 Auxiliary Contact
104W4561P001 Contactor
104W4562P001 Contactor
104W4563P001 Contactor
104W4564P001 Contactor
104W4569P001 Auxiliary Contact
104W4570P001 Auxiliary contact
104W4571P001 Auxiliary Contact
104W4585P001 Thermostat
104W4586P001 Fan
104W4591P001 Relay
104W4602P001 GE Part
104W4612P001 GE Part
104W4623P001 Motor Circuit Protector
104W4628P001 Line Side IGBT
104W4629P001 Rotor Side IGBT
104W4632P001 Thermostat
104W4634P001 Timer
104W4639P001 Contactor
104W4640P001 Pump
104W4647P001 Fuse
104W4651P001 Surge Arrester
104W4652P001 Contactor
104W4654P001 Pressure Gauge
104W4655P001 Computer Board
104W4656P001 AEBI-H1 Board Refurb
104W4657P001 Refurbished Board
104W4660P001 Class A70 Fuse
104W4662P001 Cubicle Fan
104W4665P001 Fuse
104W4667P001 Fuse
104W4669P001 Fuse
104W4670P001 Fuse
104W4671P001 Fuse
104W4672P001 Fuse
104W4679P001 Auxiliary Contact
104W4681P001 GE Part
104W4699P001 Repaired Card
104W4703P001 Fuse
104W4706P001 Ethernet Switch
104W4708P001 Power Converter Refurb
104W4710P001 Fan
104W4713P001 DC Contactor
104W4716P001 J Class Fuse
104W4721P001 Light Fixture
104W4722P001 Fuse
104W4857P001 Power Control Board
104W4860P001 Switch
104W4862P001 Combined Oil Filter, Hydraulic
104W4863P001 Indicator
104W4868P001 Motor, Air Cooler
104W4869P001 GE Part
104W4870P001 Heat Exchanger, cooler
104W4872P001 Hose Assembly
104W4879P001 Pressure switch
104W4934P001 3 phase Transformer
104W4942P001 Fuse Holder
104W4951P001 Fuse Holder
104W4981P001 GE Part
104W4990P001 Fuse
104W5023P001 Thermistor Relay
104W5024P001 Plug
104W5144P001 Fuse
104W5171P001 Transformer
104W5183P00 J Class Fuse
104W5185P001 Fuse Holder
104W5205P001 Refurb Charge Card Board
104W5259P001 WETB Card Repair
104W5259P002 WETB Card
104W5259P002 WETB Card Repair
104W5268P001 GE Part
104W5271P001 Fuse
104W5273P001 Fuse
104W5274P001 Fuse
104W5279P001 GE Part
104W5280P001 Motor circuit Protector
104W5283P001 GE Part
104W5286P001 GE Part
104W5287P001 Contactor Assembly
104W5288P001 GE Part
104W5290P001 GE Part
104W5291P001 Auxiliary Contact
104W5292P001 GE Part
104W5293P001 GE Part
104W5294P001 GE Part
104W5295P001 Auxiliary Contact
104W5296P001 Motor Circuit Protector
104W5297P001 GE Part
104W5298P001 Contactor
104W5299P001 Breaker
104W5301P001 Breaker
104W5302P001 Breaker
104W5308P001 Ethernet Switch
104W5354P001 Surge Arrester
104W5355P001 Surge Arrestor
104W5357P001 Ceramic Knife Blade Fuse
104W5359P001 Contactor
104W5360P001 Breaker
104W5361P001 Fuse
104W5367P001 Breaker
104W5370P001 Fuse
104W5371P001 Fuse
104W5389P001 Contactor
104W5396P001 Grid Capacitor
104W5419P001 Line Side ESS IGBT
104W5420P001 Rotor Side IGBT Repair
104W5446P001 Power Supply
104W5449P001 Surge Arrester
104W5462P001 Contactor
104W5463P001 Surge Arrester
104W5489P001 Power Supply
104W5501P001 Motor, Gear Oil Pump
104W5502P001 Pump
104W5503P001 Coupling
104W5512P001 Motor
104W5559P001 Encoder
104W5698P001 Fuse
104W5833P001 Dual Inlet Cooling Fan
104W5843P001 Brush Holder
104W5844P001 GE Part
104W5845P001 Power Brush
104W5846P001 Grounding Brush Set
104W5867P001 Brushes
104W5876P001 Encoder
104W5931P001 GE Part
104W6186P001 Brush
104W6195P001 Contactor
104W6218P001 GE Part
104W6468P001 Contactor
104W6686P001 Relay
104W6698P001 Surge Arrestor
104W6703P001 Surge Arrestor
104W6726P001 GE Part
104W6772P001 Tank
104W6827P001 GE Part
104W6856P001 Hose
104W7273P001 Transducer
104W7286P001 Heater
104W7317P001 GE Part
104W7326P001 GE Part
104W7448P001 Yaw Motor
104W7466P002 Temp Sensor
104W7601P001 Ethernet Switch
104W7629P001 Ethernet Switch
104W7630P001 GE Part
104W7725P001 Fuse
104W7744P001 Fuse
104W7761P001 GE Part
104W7768P001 Breaker
104W8036P001 Relief Valve
104W8037P001 GE Part
104W8038P001 Power Control Board
104W8168P001 Battery
104W8746P001 Brush
104W9334P001 GE Part
104W9343P002 Pitch Motor - Splined Shaft
104W9578P001 Power Brush
105W1528P001 Filter
105W1669P001 Bearing Grease
105W1679P001 Fuse
105W1753P001 Filter
107W1247P001 Filter
107W1382P001 Brake
107W1394P001 GE Part
107W1815P001 Pressure Transmitter
107W1863P004 HPU
107W2148P001 Combined Oil Filter, Hydraulic
107W2152P001 Encoder
107W2226P001 Grounding Brush
107W2243P001 GE Gear Oil Pump
107W2245P001 Pump
107W2247P001 Motor, Oil Cooler
107W2249P001 Bell Housing
107W2355P001 Motor
107W2548P001 Motor, Oil Cooler
107W2628P001 GE Part
107W2662P001 Brake Pad Worn Switch
107W3061P001 GE Part
107W3478P001 Fuse
107W3530P001 Thermal Bypass Valve
107W3530P001 Valve
107W3556P001 Pressure Transmitter
107W3794P001 Relay
107W3821P001 Fuse
107W3823P001 Fuse
107W3829P001 Fuse
107W3831P001 Fuse
107W3840P001 E STOP
107W4199P001 Fuse
107W4200P001 Fuse
107W4201P001 Fuse
107W4202P001 Fuse
107W4203P001 Fuse
107W4762P001 Brush
107W4762P001 Ground Brush
107W4803P001 GE Part
107W5179P001 Brush
107W5276P001 Slip Ring Transmitter
107W5379P007 UPS
107W5435P001 Encoder
107W5819P001 GE Part
107W5821P001 Encoder
107W5860P001 Cover
107W5903P001 Motor Circuit Protector
107W6072P001 Contactor
107W6323P001 Relay
107W6464P001 Hand Pump
107W6530P001 Battery Charger
107W7036P001 Accumulator
107W7090P001 impeller o-ring
107W7254P001 Breaker
107W7440P001 Speed controller
107W7459P001 IGBT (Rotor side)
107W7460P001 IGBT single sided (line side)
107W7461P001 Rotor Side IGBT
107W7647P001 Board Repair
107W7703P001 Grease
107W7810P001 Seal
107W7915P001 Seal
107W7951P001 Screw seal
107W7952P001 Screw
107W8239P001 Hose
107W8427P001 Power Supply
107W8499P001 GE Part
107W8526P001 GE Part
107W8547P001 Fitting
107W8550P001 O-Ring
107W8557P001 Filter
107W8558P001 Filter
107W8568P001 Brake Pad
107W8581P001 Vibration Monitor
107W8971P001 Pump
107W9715P001 Seal
108W1188P001 Filter
108W1267G001 GE Part
108W1335P001 GE Part
108W1427P001 Accumulator
108W1971P001 Yaw Motor
108W2274P001 Phase Brush
108W2274P002 Grounding Brush
108W2274P102 Brush Holder
108W3404P001 Solenoid Valve
108W3434P001 Hydrep Filter
108W3442P001 Solenoid Valve
108W3449P001 Hose
108W3451P001 Breather
108W3453P001 Tank
108W3455P001 Gear Pump
108W3456P001 Insert
108W3457P001 Bell Housing
108W3458P001 Gasket
108W3459P001 Motor
108W3460P001 Hose
108W3461P001 Gauging Block
108W3462P001 Accumulator
108W3463P001 Pressure Transducer
108W3464P001 Hose
108W3465P001 Hose
108W3655P001 Manifold Block
108W3805P001 Motor Circuit Protector
108W3806P001 Auxiliary Contact
108W4715P001 Encoder
108W4725P001 GE Part
108W4733P001 Phasing Brush
108W4735P001 Grounding Brush
108W4737P001 Pump handle
108W5100P001 Filter
108W5118P001 GE Part
108W5119P001 Gen 3 Encoder
108W5121P001 Surge Arrester
108W5754P001 Power Brush
108W5757P001 Grounding Brush
108W6061P001 Pressure Transmitter
108W6080P001 Cooler, oil, Winergy
108W6526P001 Indicator
108W6630P001 Encoder
108W6729P001 GE Part
108W7435G001 Contactor
108W7871P001 Encoder
108W8161P001 Hitachi Brush
108W8333P001 GE Part
108W8465P001 Yaw Motor
108W8656P001 O-Ring
108W8744P001 Motor
108W8987P001 Motor, Oil Cooler
108W8990P001 GE Gear Oil Pump
108W9170P001 Charging Kit
108W9229P001 Encoder
108W9235P001 Hand Pump
108W9285P001 GE Part
108W9623P001 Pitch Motor
108W9624P001 Pitch Motor
109W0002P001 Brush
109W1261P001 O-Ring
109W1262P001 O-Ring
109W1537P001 Filter, hydraulic
109W1676P001 Anemometer
109W2180P001 Encoder
109W2385P001 Fitting
109W2394P001 Relief valve
109W2455P001 Contactor
109W2521P001 Protistor fuse
109W2527P001 Fitting
109W3082P001 Encoder
109W3130P001 Motor, Oil Cooler
109W3389P001 Cube Fuse
109W3466P002 Motion Controller
109W3609P001 Auxiliary Contact
109W3642P001 Grid Capacitor
109W3964P001 Charge Card Upgrade
109W4209P001 Line Reactor (Exchange)
109W4849P001 Contactor
109W5899P001 Fitting
109W6085P001 Fuse
109W6656P001 GE Part
109W6843P001 Hub Converter Reman
109W6985P001 Repair Kit (Therm Bypass)
109W7808P001 Slip Ring Transmitter
109W8076P001 HPU
109W8392P001 Accumulator
109W8427P001 Fuse
109W8432P001 Fuse
109W8523P001 Cube Fuse
109W8528P001 O Ring
109W8529P001 Valve, Insert
109W8530P001 Valve Seal
109W8713P001 Brake Pad Worn Switch
109W8937G001 Refurb Charge Card Board
109W9135P001 Fuse Holder
109W9355P001 GE Part
111W1148P001 Complete Coupling
111W1239P001 Generator Slip Ring
111W2018P001 Gearbox Breather Element
111W2037P001 Thermal Bypass Valve
111W2450P001 Brake Pad
111W2579P001 Repaired Card
115A168500509 GE Part
115W2980P100 Connector
115W7199P001 Filter
123W1834G001 Piston/Puck Assembly
188A7073P0010 Pressure switch
386A6685P001 Filter Element
391A9264P001 Class K-5 Fuse
391A9266P001 Fuse
391A9275P001 CC Class Fuse
391A9298P001 Motion Controller
391A9308P001 Module
391A9346P001 Fuse
391A9356P001 Module
391A9359P001 GE Part
391A9360P001 Module
391A9371P001 Ethernet Switch
391A9514P001 Connector
392A1027P001 Vibration Monitor
392A1044P001 Pitch Motor
392A1046P001 Brake Caliper
392A1326P001 Generator Shim
392A1327P001 GE Part
392A1642P001 O-Ring
392A1744P001 Motor Circuit Protector
392A1916P001 Limit Switch
392A2386P001 Sensor
392A2827P001 Safety Switch
392A2947P001 GE Part
392A2950P001 Modular Terminal Block
392A2966P001 Accumulator
392A2967P001 CC Class Fuse
392A2976P001 Surge Protection
444W0150P001 O Ring
444W1229P001 GE Part
444W2282P001 Pin
444W3837P001 Pump
444W4105P001 Cube Fuse
444W4990P001 Brush
444W5315P001 Seal
444W6416P001 Encoder
T51040000021 Filter
T5230040020 Breather
T5233000002 Indicator
T53103190002 Filter Element
T53103367829 GE Part
T53120000021 Nut
T53120000024 Pressure Transducer
T53154300000 Filter
T53154301702 GE Part
T54018814498 Valve
T56025001913 Grounding Brush
T56031402440 Power Supply
T56111000005 Safety Switch
T561148177 Surge Arrestor
T56119300666 Reactor
T56137049500 GE Part
T56137070900 Counter Module
T56137900400 Module
T56137932300 Power supply
T56137969800 Module
T56225827250 Voltage monitoring Relay
T56257570611 Circuit Breaker
T56602030782 Contactor
T56602048597 Contactor
T56604010101 Contactor
T56604031882 Timer
T56604031891 Timer
T56604051643 Contactor
T56631001600 Motor Circuit Protector
T56634181100 Aux Switch
T56636103016 GE Part
T56636211354 Breaker
T56636211530 Breaker
T56689016332 Term Block
T56730000101 Relay
T56730009591 Relay
T56730015040 Relay
T56731010269 Vibration Monitor
UX56200000002 J Class Fuse
UX56200000014 GE Part
UX56406003035 Contactor
UX56700100212 CC Class Fuse
UX56700100214 fuse
UX56700100217 J Class Fuse
UX56700100218 Surge Suppresion Fuse
UX56700100401 Brush
UX56700100406 Slip Ring
UX56700100411 GE Part
UX56700100478 Valve
UX56700100479 THERMOSTAT
UX56700100510 Fuse Link
UX56700100702 THERMOSTAT
UX56700100979 Vem Gen Brush
UX56700101041 Rectifier
UX56700101042 GE Part
UX56700101064 Breaker
UX56700101072 Contactor
UX56700101079 Breaker
UX56700101105 Motor, Air Cooler
UX56700101106 Motor
UX56700101178 Fitting
UX56700102119 Contactor
UX56700102139 Encoder
UX56700102165 Filter
UX5670010258 Transducer
UX5670010491 Transducer
UX5670010513 Fuse
UX5670010518 Pressure switch
UX5670010576 Auxiliary Contact
UX5670010607 Motor Circuit Protector
UX5670010609 Motor Circuit Protector
UX5670010622 aux contact
UX5670010627 Contactor
UX5670010628 Contactor
UX5670010630 Contactor
UX5670010632 Contactor
UX5670010741 Transducer
UX5670010753 Coupling
UX5670010841 Contactor
UX5670010912 Motor Brake
UX567001102030 Breather
UX567001401 Brush
UX56700190029 J Class Fuse
UX56700190030 Fuse
UX56700190121 Relay
UX56700190220 GE Part
UX56700190222 BASE ELEMENT
UX56700190251 Nipple
UX56700190253 Encoder
UX56700190267 O Ring
UX56700190274 O Ring
UX56700190281 GE Part
UX5670127547 Filter
UX59901000008 Trip Coil
UX59901000029 Fuse
UX59901000034 CC ClassFuse
UX59901000035 CC Class Fuse
UX59901000036 Class CC FUSE
UX59901000073 Pressure Switch
UX59901000086 Relief Valve
UX59901000114 Modular Terminal Block
UX59901000115 Encoder
UX59901000128 Encoder
UX599010001375 EMAX Closing Coil
UX59901000145 Module
UX59901000178 Ethernet Switch
UX59901000179 Blower
UX59901000283 Encoder
UX59901000318 GE Part
UX59901000369 Power Supply
UX59901000372 Surge Suppresion Fuse
UX59901000397 CT
UX59901000399 CC Class Fuse
UX59901000401 Contactor
UX59901000429 Transducer
UX59901000432 Accumulator
UX59901000570 Hose
UX59901000598 Seal Kit
UX59901000607 Seal Kit
UX59901000609 GE Part
UX59901000626 Relay
UX59901000629 Plug
UX59901000696 Pump
UX59901000697 Accumulator
UX59901000705 CC Class Fuse
UX59901000717 Contactor
UX59901000731 Cooling Fan
UX59901000736 Contactor
UX59901000737 Fuse
UX59901000739 Fuse
UX59901000740 Class K-5 Fuse
UX59901000870 GE Part
UX5990100088 Encoder
UX59901000888 Encoder
UX59901000918 Heat Exchanger, cooler
UX59901000926 Fan
UX59901000930 Motor
UX59901000970 Coupling
UX59901000971 Coupling
UX59901000989 Surge Suppresion Fuse
UX59901000990 Transducer
UX59901001212 Pump
UX5990100214 Module
UX5990100573 Hose Assembly
UX59902000029 Pressure switch
UX59902000050 GE Part
UX59902000086 GE Part
UX73420050100 Shunt Trip