Alternative energy requirements for Power Factor Correction derives from the engineering needs of (1) rotating machinery to be properly energized and energy efficient, (2) automatic controls and protection of the electrical system,  and (3) meeting the utility requirements for connection, including penalties for low Power Factor control.

WECS RENEWABLES maintains an inventory of IEC and domestic Capacitor products to meet the needs of daily maintenance operations at the turbine and products to meet the interconnection requirements as dictated by the utility for installation and new designs.
  • Wind Turbine Mounted standard low voltage (<1000 VAC) Capacitors, Capacitor Switching devices, and Fuse protection systems. 
  • Utility interconnect for voltages up to 35kV and higher, pole mounted and substation bank Capacitors, accessories for the repair, protection, PF improvement and for new construction.
Electronic Capacitors and Protectors for Electronic Switching are also available for Solar Inverters and Wind Turbine Power Conversion Systems.
GE, Siemens, VESTAS, Suzlon, Sevinon, Nordex, Bonus, Gamesa, Nortank, Micon, Acciona, Goldwind, Mitsubishi and others
Low Voltage 
Cells and packaged
Medium Voltage
Cells and packaged
LV  Switching
And protection
MV Packaging
Switching and Controls