Wind Farm Fault Indicators

Quickly determine fault location and restore operations

in wind farm collector systems.


  • Line-powered operation for longer life and limited maintenance (no batteries required)
  • Current trip value up to 1500 A with delayed trip response time
  • Remote display options that allow quick determination of indicator status without the need to open medium-voltage compartments
  • Easy installation on separable connector components with capacitive test points
  • For installation in transformers, switches, and junction boxes
  • Units available that work with cold-shrink silicone medium- voltage terminations
  • Auxiliary contact output option for connection to SCADA for remote monitoring

Wind turbine outputs are fed through a transformer and distributed overhead or underground to a collector substation. The voltage will then be stepped up by the collector substation transformer to the utility transmission voltage. A single fault can disable from one to an entire line of turbines.

SEL fault indicators help operations personnel quickly deter- mine the location of the fault, isolate the faulted section, and restore the balance of the wind farm.

Electrostatic Reset

  • High-voltage ac electric field powers the ERL.
  • ERL automatically resets upon restoration of system voltage.
  • Inrush restraint feature prevents false tripping during recloser operations.
  • Reflective red target (the largest display in the industry) is easy to spot, both at night and during the day.
  • Zero maintenance: there is no battery to replace or monitor.


  • Most economical solution for underground applications.
  • Powered from voltage present at T-body test point.
  • Easy to install on most brands of 600 A class elbows with capacitive test points.
  • Automatically resets upon restoration of system voltage.
  • Works independently of load current.
  • Ideal for pad-mounted transformer and switchgear applications.
  • Features remote display versions that eliminate the need to open an enclosure cabinet to determine indicator’s status.
  • Allows access to the test point with simple removal of the fault indicator.
  • Compatible with SCADA through the auxiliary contact option.
  • Prevents false tripping due to adjacent phase effects with junction shield option.


  • No batteries required.
  • Voltage powered from BIP.
  • No T-body capacitive test point required.
  • Automatic reset after BIP voltage restoration.
  • Operation is independent of load current.
  • Up to 1500 A trip value (higher on request).
  • Several remote display options available.
  • Auxiliary contact option for SCADA compatibility.

CR—Current Reset

  • Automatic reset upon restoration of load current.
  • Closed-core design provides adjacent phase immunity.
  • Available for single- and three-phase applications.
  • Choose from BEACON™ LED, target, and combination displays, depending on your application and operating practices.
  • Ideal for installation in pad-mounted equipment without elbow test points; install the fault indicator outside of the influence of the ground return path of the cable’s concentric neutral.
  • Installation on low-voltage secondary lines is an ideal fault-finding solution in industrial environments.
  • Choose the auxiliary contact option for SCADA compatibility.
  • Fault-powered current reset models also available for low-load current applications. Please consult factory.
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