Elastimold® 35 kV GAD(grounding aid device)


The Elastimold 35 kV grounding aid device (GAD) provides a permanent, reliable and direct 600 A or 900 A, 25 kA-rated ground connection with a removable insulated cap with a capacitive test point for safer operation.

The issue

There were no products available in the 35kV system for grounding devices which could accommodate 600 amps continuous or a momentary fault current up to 25,000 amps rated ground connection. The only products available were for grounding devices that accommodate 200 amps continuous and a momentary fault current up to 10,000 amps-rated ground connection. These grounding products also were available for temporary installation only; there were no products available for permanent installation.

The solution

The Elastimold 35kV Grounding Aid Device (GAD) provides a permanent, reliable and direct 600A or 900A, 25kA-rated ground connection with a removable insulated cap with a capacitive test point for safer operation. The GAD can be used as a permanent installation on the system, and eliminates the need to install temporary grounding adapters and a reducing tap plug for a 200A grounding device.