WECS Super Yaw Puck

yaw puck
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Self-lubricating composite material manufactured with polyester and PTFE combined textile and polyester resin with the solid lubricants PTFE and molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) evenly dispersed throughout the resin system

Material Benefits


High load capacity

Ultimate compressive strength up to 50,000 psi

High shock load capabilities

Low coefficient of friction

Smooth, quiet operation

Low Wear rate

Long service life


WECS offers a low maintenance and cost-effective solution for eliminating external lubrication while improving performance.




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WECS Super yaw PUCK for GE Wind Turbine Yaw Systems 

DMYPGE1.5-2 Material Eliminates noisy stick-slip problems, extends operating life and reduces wear making for better-operating efficiency. Low coefficients of friction can be achieved while operating dry or in wet (lubricated) environments. In low speed or oscillating operation, DMYPGE1.5-2 offers a solution with lower friction and lower wear rates than greased bronze alternatives. The static coefficient of friction is generally very similar to dynamic, even after prolonged periods of rest. This is achieved by irregular material texture throughout its composition, avoiding the sticking at the mating of two flat surfaces where other materials may develop high break-away torque requirements. The DMYPGE1.5-2 is 1 mm thicker and slightly compliant, providing longer wear and adding a vibration dampening component versus the standard components currently available.

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