WECS Super Piston

Super Piston
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WECS is now selling a composite yaw super piston that offers vibration dampening, smooth, quiet operation for longer service life over bronze.
Material Benefits
  1. Self-lubricating (no grease required*)
  2. Weight reduction (1/6th the weight of bronze)
  3. Low wear rate (less than 1mm/year)
  4. Long service life (10mm of useable material thickness)
  5. Smooth, quiet operation (no fog horning)
  6. High load capacity
  7. Uses OEM set up for 12 or 18 piston configuration
  8. High shock load capabilities
  9. Optimal coefficient of friction
  10. *No grease is required, but using existing greasing systems will not harm the material

WECS offers a low maintenance & cost effective solution for eliminating external lubrication while improving performance

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