WECS Slew Ring Repair tool

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The WECS GE 1.X Slew Ring Surface Repair Tool uses a custom for WECS turbine style disc brush ideal for heavy deburring applications. The unique combination of Silicon Carbide and Ceramic filaments allow the brush to cut faster and last longer. The turbine style filament is a high-density fill that is ideal for short cycle times and long tool life. This tool will remove sharp edges, that have been caused by previous over warn pucks where the piston has damaged the slew ring. Rated as an 80-grit abrasive it will only remove the sharp edges and burrs that are causing premature puck wear without removing the base material.

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WECS Slew Ring Repair tool

  • Mounts in any open piston position
  • Built-in Timer and Yaw interlock prevents unattended operation 
  • Designed for the machine tool industry and is unaffected by the presence of grease or oil 
  • Powerful ¾ hp motor 
  • Operates on 120 Volt AC 
  • Replaceable Abrasive Brush
  •  Equivalent to an 80-grit abrasive.

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