CJPF-33 15kV 200A

CJPF-33 15kV 200A
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The CJPF-33  three phase pad mount cable junction pedestal is made with fire retardant fiberglass and protected with UV stabilized gel coat . Optional 200 15/25 kV 2/3/4-Way junctions are also offered. We certify that all cable junction pedestals conforms to IEEE C57-12-28 Pad mounted Enclosure Integrity Standard.

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Our three phase pad mount CJPF-33 cable junction pedestal is available in the following configurations/options;

      • Design – Pad mount
      • Heights – 30″ or 41”
      • Top Depth – 27″
      • Top Width – 55″
      • Standard Colors – Willow Green (MG), Munsell Green (MG) or Light Gray (LG). Special colors are also available.
      • Safety – Reflective smooth white gel coat interior finish for stickers to adhere to.
      • Lifting  Two lifting nuts  located on both sides of the pedestals allowing it to be lifted the same way as  a single phase transformer is slung.
      • Parking Stands – (8) Fixed SS parking stands – slant design
      • Optional Junctions – 2/3/4-Way 200A 15kV
      • Optional Ground Bar – #2 Solid Copper Bus Bar (-GB2), 3/8” Solid Copper Bus Bar (-GB38)

Below are links to sample specifications & certifications for the pedestals along with product literature that can be downloaded. Please check back as we continue to add additional valuable information.

Specifications & Certifications:


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