Wire Management for Unique Module Geometries

Trends in the solar industry have shown that modules are now being manufactured with short flanges or even with alternate geometries used to replace the traditional flange. These changes have presented challenges in wire management. To meet these challenges Wiley has designed solutions to fit each of these difficult installations: 

Short Flange Modules:

Cable Clips: ACC-FF180

  • Custom designed cable clip solution for flanges down to 12mm in length.
  • Installs on short flanges both in straight on and 180 orientations.
  • Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel construction.
  • UL1565

Edge Clip: ACC-ECT

  • Integrated metal teeth fasten securely to short flange module frames.
  • UV rated Nylon 6/6 or Nylon 12 construction provides additional environmental resilience.
  • Ideal for bundles of wire with multiple tie length and orientations available.
  • UL62275

No Flange Module Clips:

Cable Hanger: WCH1

  • Compatible on most module frames with wire management or mounting hole including First Solar Series 6 modules.
  • Holds up to 8 wires with bundle tucked up close to the module and away from hazards.
  • Large diameter, stainless steel construction protects wires.
  • UL1565

Reusable Tie: WIS

  • Double coated steel allows for installation through mounting and wire management holes.
  • Can be opened and closed for additional flexibility during installation.
  • UL62275

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