WECS introduces a new tool developed to remove seized GE Yaw Brake Pistons. The WECS Renewables GE yaw pistons puller tool kit is designed to be portable and extract the most severely seized pistons with the use of a hollow bore hydraulic cylinder with up to 30 tons of force. The four special tools below, along with the high strength threaded rod and connecting nuts, are provided in a Pelican protective case.

TAP - Specialty Designed Tap providing both the starting and bottoming tap functions. Used to thread the inside bore of the seized piston.

TAP GUIDE - Tapping Guide installed in place of the Closing Nut. Provides stability while the tapping function is performed. Also contact with top of Piston will keep Piston from Rotating.

PULLING PLUG - Threaded Pulling Plug. Threaded into the newly cut threads inside the piston bore. Provides the attachment point for the included high strength all thread.

SPACER - Spacer Ring, used when the seized piston does not break free and needs to be dragged completely from the cylinder.