Field installable solar connector enabling an easy, quick and reliable connection

SOLARLOK 2.0 Connectors are field installable products using IDC (Insulation Displacement Contact) technology which enables the installer to make an easy, quick and reliable connection of the PV cable to the PV Panel, PV cable string, (micro-) inverter or combiner-box.


• Avoid cable stripping by simply plugging in the cable and snapping on      the button to terminate

• Provides Insulation Displacement Contact (IDC) technology

• Reduce total applied cost of value chain

• Accelerate the termination process with loose parts to handle and no        customs tools required

• Reduce 80% installation time in comparison to market standard PV DC    connectors (with multi-components and crimp-contacts)

• Unique gel-filling ensure IPx8 water ingress protection (1m/24hours)

• Mates with the PV4-S and PV4-PM connectors SOLARLOK PV4-S DC         Connector: 2270024-1 2270025-1 SOLARLOK PV4-PM Connector:           1971919-1 1971920-1

SOLARLOK 2.0 connector - 80% installation-time reduction, no custom tools, reduce applied total cost