The R-Stack is an innovative design that combines a Deadbreak Connecting Plug with a Deadbreak Elbow. Our premolded composite is factory tested, with a greatly reduced installation force and stack height.

The result: an easier, more reliable, and cheaper option than traditionally stacked elbows.

More reliable — The R-Stack interface combines two units into one, eliminating the need for a connecting plug! This combination design reduces the risk of complications during assembly in the field, such as cross threading. And, each product is individually tested prior to shipment.

Easier to install — Total assembly force is only 25 lbs., as opposed to the 100 lb. force required to install a standard connecting plug. Also, the traditional spanner and torque wrenches are no longer needed for the installation. All that’s required is a single installation tool (included with each kit).

Smaller stack height — Using the R-Stack reduces the stack height 4” for every two elbows (a 20% reduction). Its reduced height makes the R-stack invaluable in small cabinets and manholes.

Less expensive — Molding one part instead of two (elbow and connecting plug) reduces the cost. Plus, the R-Stack can be installed faster and is more reliable, which saves even more time and money!

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