WECS would like to take this moment to say Thank you for sending your business our way! Our vendors and customers have made this year great We worked hard to ensure we did not make you wait And, thank you, for all the site visits and trade shows with us We had a blast all together at Cleanpower… REplus! At times the Covid grinch tried to ruin the day But our passion for action kept it at bay. With tax credits expiring, the industry looked kind of sad…. Then, boom, came the IRA, oh wow, that was rad! Thanks to the ACP efforts, it came with a flourish And now the clean energy industry will soon be nourished We have terrific renewable projects together ahead We pledge to deliver on all the things that we said! And when you run out of parts at one of your sites, We will be there with bells on, at first light We love working in clean energy thanks to people like you, Happy holidays from WECS - we appreciate all that you do!