Madrid, Spain - November 2023

  • The energy company held its Global Supplier of the Year Awards 2023 to recognize the key role of each of them 
  • Iberdrola spends 17 billion euro on its purchases related to equipment, materials, works and services.
  • Chairman Ignacio Galán highlighted the value of all suppliers, allies in green industrialization. 

Iberdrola brought together nearly 100 executives from international companies in Madrid for the presentation of its Global Supplier of the Year Awards 2023; a recognition that highlights its fundamental role in the creation of employment, wealth and energy transition.

Ignacio Galán, Chairman of Iberdrola, stated that "these awards are not only about economic efficiency or agility in operations, but also about the contribution to a greener, fairer and more sustainable economic model that generates opportunities for all. We are a company with values that wants companies that share our vision to be at its side".

The chairman encouraged all those present at the event, which he described as "allies for green industrialization", to continue to grow alongside the company, generating tangible value around the world. "We are only at the beginning of a true revolution that must guarantee energy autonomy and decarbonization", he said.

The awards went to six companies that stand out for their commitment to innovationequality, quality, sustainability and job creation, among others, which contribute to a decarbonized economy, based on their investments in renewables and increasingly intelligent distribution grids, large-scale storage projects and their commitment to innovative solutions for their customers.

The Awards went to the Brazilian company ITB Equipamientos Eléctricos, Spanish company Navantia – Windar, Scottish company I&H Brown, Portuguese company Conduril Engenharia, US company WECS Renewables and Brazilian company Voltbras.

In 2022, Iberdrola made purchases from more than 20,000 suppliers related to equipment, materials, works, and services, for more than 17,000 million euros. The percentage of local purchases exceeded 87% last year. This figure shows the company as a driving force in the economies in which it operates. 

Denny McKissic, Vice President of Operations & Maintenance for WECS Renewables stated, “WECS appreciates the great partnership and recognition from Iberdrola and our growth over the years together. We look forward to the future.” 

Theresa Eaton, CEO & Owner of WECS Renewables stated, "WECS is truly honored to be selected as one of only six companies from Iberdrola's 20,000 global suppliers to receive this award."  Eaton continued, "We admire what Iberdrola is doing to build a greener, fairer and more sustainable business model across the world."

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Iberdrola brings together nearly 100 executives from international companies and rewards added value in energy transition - Iberdrola