3M Dynatel Locating and Marking Solution

RFID Markers & Technology from 3M

Let WECS Renewables Help you Know where to dig! The 3M™ Electronic Marker System (EMS)  helps save electric utilities time and money by enabling field crews to quickly pinpoint the location of underground electric facilities, including cable runs, splices, vaults, conduits and road crossings. 3M also offers wide product support and service for increased safety, performance and reliability.

WECS is the Preferred Stocking Renewables Distributor for 3M

Benefits of 3M Dynatel Locating and Marking Solution.

The 3M™ Dynatel™ Cable/Pipe and Fault Locators incorporate advanced electronics to quickly and efficiently locate conductor or sheath (earth return) faults and trace the path of underground cables and pipes (with metallic tracer wire). It provides accurate cable/pipe, or Sonde depth measurements, giving a digital readout in inches, feet and inches, or centimeters (user-selectable). Lightweight, compact and well balanced, these cable and pipe locators allow you to accurately and easily: 
• Locate cable and pipe path

• Push button depth estimation of cable/pipe or sonde

• Measures signal current in the cable/pipe

• Identify cable using toning

• Passive locate of power cables

• Pinpoints sheath or ground faults and cable breaks
• Discriminates between light and heavy faults
Path Marking Rope